Cover photo: The Northern Ostrobothnia museum Uuno Laukka photo archive

A Heritage of Quality

Hofler’s heritage is built on craft, design and knowledge of what it takes to make excellent, long-lasting gloves.

Late 1940’s | Oulun Laukku Oy

Mrs. Aune Lyytinen started her business in Oulu in the late 40s. She sold bags and gloves in the center of the city in her store called “Oulun Laukku”. Her granddaughter Minna continues the business successfully and she has also opened another store called “Laukkumaailma”.

1962 | Finlaukku Oy

Juhani and Terttu Lyytinen started their business in Kemi, Finland. They opened a store called “Kemin Laukku”. Later they expanded to the wholesale business of bags and gloves. Finlaukku is still in the wholesale business, serving mainly Northern Finland customers.

1992 | Hofler Oy

Sami Lyytinen started his business in 1992. Hofler’s main business is gloves.

2016 | Hofler Oy

Hofler gloves are sold in 8 countries and over 3,600 stores mainly in the Northern Europe area. The company continues to develop collections and expand to new markets.

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